The International Organizations MBA programme is designed for individuals who aspire to a managerial position in an IO, NGO, or Social Enterprise, and for existing managers who wish to enhance their skills with a view to taking on greater responsibility in their own organization. Given the unique nature of the program, and its small class size, we expect successful applicants to the program to have:

  • An undergraduate degree and demonstrated intellectual capacity.  A good undergraduate degree from a university recognized as equivalent to the standard of the University of Geneva is required.
  • Professional experience and management potential.  Participants are expected to have a high level of maturity and leadership ability, as demonstrated by their work experience. The contribution of participants from diverse career paths is crucial to the success of the program.
  • International exposure and communication skills. The International Organizations MBA prepares students for international jobs anywhere in the world. Accordingly, we seek applicants with proven ability to excel in a multicultural setting and with proven fluency in English.

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