The IO-MBA Team

Faculty members and the IO-MBA academic advisory board are constantly working to develop the IO-MBA Program contents. We undertake research to track the newest management issues in international organizations. We apply this research in the continued development of the IO-MBA Program in order to meet students’ expectations in terms of education quality and to fulfill the needs of international organizations for a new generation of professionals and managers.

Geographically and professionally, the IO-MBA faculty is as broad-based as the program itself. Several modules are taught by outstanding practitioners from international organizations and others by business executives from the private sector. The faculty is comprised of well-known scholars from the academic world, drawn from the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, The Haas School of Business, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Colorado and many others.

Biographies of individual faculty members and further details on the Academic Advisory board are available through links on the right.